Moribito guardian of the spirit

hey I'm Peter and i want to tell you about a show that i dont see a lot of this is moribito its a fantasy, action, anime is the best way I can describe it as its a story about balsa a traveling bodyguard who is trying to make up for her past so see want to save a bunch of people that mean something to someone and shes on her last mission

so prince chagum has a spirit in him (if you want to know more go watch it) and his father is trying to kill the spirit which in turn will kill him so the queen has heard of balsa and wants her help she asked her to take him and keep him safe for the rest of his life so basically taking over as mom she agrees and take the job so it the things balsa has to do to keep chagum alive so. now they go though one thing after another balsa put her life on the line many times but they become a nice family after things have settled down for her and chagum until they have to find a new place

thats all i will tell you of the story there are many great characters great story amazing music just look up the opening and you will see what i mean its great i love this show and it need to be seen its on neflix if you have it but if you can watch it please do it awesome.

Hi I'm Pete I'm a huge nerd i like anime comics video games music and movies I am also a christian
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