What Do You Want To Take Today, My Love?

In my dream relationship, we would both ride motorcycles, and we'd (both) have a sports (luxury sport) car, and then another vehicle just to be ridiculous lol

Motorcycle: Honda CBR 600rr

Car: Jaguar F-type R

Truck: Chevy Silverado 3500 HD

As an alternative to the Jaguar, my dream car is actually really realistic: Nissan 370z Nismo. $42k

What would your garage look like?? Motorcycle, Car, and truck!

I could always be whatever you wanted, but not what you needed especially when you've been needing me, because I'm a fucking mess sometimes and I'll say what I don't mean just 'cause I wanted or maybe I need it. I swear lying's the only rush I need, 'cause all I needed was some words to say that all these feelings don't mean shit to me because it's all just chemicals anyway.
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