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This is a no-brainier... I chose Inuyasha because without him I wouldn't have gotten into anime at all... He was my first anime thus my first love... And no one forgets their first love.

There's also many more reasons why I chose him. Fist, I love his attitude, despite how harsh it may seem, because it represents not only who he is but it also reflects his past. Anyone who's seen this anime knows how harsh his past was; from growing up without a father, losing his mother at a young age and back then she was the only person who truly loved him at all, being deceived by another demon to think his first love had betrayed him, and worst of all not being accepted by neither demons or humans. It's understandable why he has the attitude he has. His harsh attitude stemmed from his harsh past and it acted as a barrier to prevent anyone/anything from further hurting him after years of nothing but pain.

As the series progressed his attitude had a major turn around; he no longer wanted to become a full demon and his main priority was to protect what mattered most to him. I also loved his golden eyes, sun-kissed skin, abs, and of course his adorable doggy ears😉... @VinMcCarthy

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