MY SHIP!! 🎀💖

As many of you probably do as well, my favorite ship in the anime kingdom (currently) is Yato, God of Calamity, and the ever mindful Hiyori!

It is plain to see that Yato simply cannot go on without Hiyori. She is his purpose, his anchor, what keeps him going when he feels like all is lost.

and Hiyori herself, whether she may admit it or not, looks to Yato for protection and and comfort. When her soul left her body and she had no idea what to do, Yato was there to help her. She wants to be there for Yato, to keep him happy and see him smile. And indulge in his sweet aroma!

Yato would do anything for Hiyori; anything except let her go. And Hiyori will always want to "stay with him just a little longer.

And if that's not love, coming together so slowly, and then all at once, then I certainly don't know what is! please enjoy Hiyori in Yato's jacket, it makes me happy too (: Please tell me what you think! Or if you think Hiyori and Yukine would make a better ship??@hikaymm

Have courage, and be kind.
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