Howl's Moving Castle: A 2004 Masterpiece no One Can Forget

Based on the book written by Diana Wynne Jones, this movie directed by Hayao Miyazaki captivated audiences with a magnificent story arc and characters.

The story takes place during a time of war between nations and wizards and witches are thrown into the battlefield.


You can't help but love these two! <3 They are so adorable. Sophie at the beginning of the movie was shy, reserved and unconfident about herself and as the movie progresses she starts to believe in herself and Howl helps her to grow. Howl grows as a character and learns that running away doesn't solves his problems. He learns to love and lives a life the way he chooses. Through thick and thin, these two make it through Wizard spells, bombs, flying in the air, bad hair days, and living in a castle.


And you can't forget you're favorite fire demon! c:

"A hearts a heavy burden" - Sophie

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