Let's talk makeup! 😍

One of the things I love about kpop is the their makeup . Their make up is Sooo flawless and the way they pull it off makes it even more gorgeous. Lol I see a lot of different styles of makeup and they all are super beautiful. My question is what products did they use? I know there's different make up products in Korea. Different brands, but I'm sure they use Mac.. I think lol I would like to use and try out more of their brands of makeup, I actually have a few I ordered on online and what I have to say is their amazing. You guys know any Korean brand of make up let me know please I would love to check it out and hopeful try it on my own.☺️

My names Melissa. I'm 23 yrs old . My birthday is May 31 my favorite Kpop bands are BTS, BigBang, 2ne1 ,Sistars and Exo and I love Kpop obviously that's why Iam on here lol . Iam recently new and I hoping to make new friends especially in the Kpop.😊 Facebook: Melissa Navarro Instagram: melissa_chona_ Snapchat: sweetface51611 Add me! 😊😘😎💕
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