Waifu Wednesday: Juvia Lockser


Yo everyone, it's that time of the week again Waifu Wednesday (even though I didn't do one last week I've been watch Fairy Tail so I can get to know the characters a little bit more). This time I'll be continuing my Fairy Tail themed Waifu Wednesday with the lovely and very stalkerish Juvia Lockser!



She's very beautiful Is willing to do anything for her love Is a cheerful and friendly person



Jealous type Can get you wet cuz body made of water and stuff


Final Verdict

Honestly I haven't see much of Juvia but what I have seen makes her pretty good waifu material. She's yandere but not too far in the crazy like Yuno, she's just very attached because of her troubled past. If you can get pass the whole jealousy thing and maybe getting soaked a lot Juvia is a pretty good waifu. I'll give her an A


Disclaimer: I'm not being bias because my Fairy Tail waifu is probably Virgo or Levy this is just how I feel please no hate


Welp that's it for this week's Waifu Wednesday I hope to see you guys next week when I do The Princess Lucy Heartfilia

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