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Third installment for Nan November (thanks@VinMcCarthy!). So, who would I choose as my significant other? Oh, boy... well there were three main choices for me: Natsu, Rin Okumura, and Sou Tamaki. However, I can't imagine Natsu with anyone but Lucy (NALU for LIFE!!) or Tamaki with anyone but Haruhi, so I'm going with the first guy in any anime/show/etc... where I thought, "Wow, I would love a guy like that!". So, say hello to my choice of anime soul mate, Rin Okumura!

So, Rin may have a hard time fitting in to society, but he always works hard! He never lets others get him down and has a really, really good heart. He cares so much about everybody and everything he does, he does with others in mind! Even when everyone else finds out he is a son of Satan and they abandon him, he doesn't let that get him down, he just works harder and try's his best to protect them.

He loves animals! I first really fell for him when he had gotten into a fight, not because someone had made fun of him, but because they were killing pigeons. That instantly made him amazing in my book! Later on, he also befriends and works with Kuro, one of the most adorable critters around! They are so cute and understand each other really well!

He is always humorous and never takes life too seriously. For a snarky perfectionist like me, I could really use someone in my life that helps me loosen up and step back from things, and, oh yeah, HAVE FUN!!!! I love that about him; and that is probably a quality any guy I fall in love with will have (I hope).


And lastly, he can COOK! Seriously, what girl doesn't dream of having a guy that cooks, and does it well? And he loves it; he loves cooking for others due to that big heart of his. That is an amazing character trait to me that I love about him.

So, Thank you all for this long card, apparently I had a lot more to say about Rin than I thought, but hey, I guess that's normal for your crush (albeit a fictional one)!

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