(NN) Love Connection?


Hey everyone! This is my response to the next question for Nani November Thanksgivingway. Who from anime would you want as to your irl significant other?

If I had to pick one anime character it would have to be Roronoa Zoro of the Straw Hat Crew!

He is my favorite character in One Piece and I think would make a great significant other. He's loyal, protects those close to him, and has ambition. To me anyone you get into a relationship with needs some kind of ambition and loyalty. That's my reasons I think he would be ideal.... although I might have to compete with his swords.

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Hello all! I obviously have a daughter from picture above. I love kpop, kdramas, anime, comic books, drawing, and movies. I joined quite a bit of communities and hope to contribute to them all eventually. Anywho hope to make some friends! See you guys around!
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