Kpop Giveaways~

Do you guys follow ForFansFromFans? They are on twitter and I believe they have a Facebook too! They are really fantastic Kpop fans. They do giveaways of ALL kinds of Kpop stuff, especially albums, for the purpose to give Kpop fans who can't afford to buy albums all the time a chance to get this stuff!! The admins are really awesome and they've almost reach 5k followers! What they do is really awesome so if you don't follow them and you love Kpop, go follow them! They collaborate with other companies/organizations like SubKulture Ent. And others to give even more awesome giveaways to fellow Kpop fans!

I actually won this album from their huge October giveaway in collaboration with SubK. ^^ Signed BTS album from when they toured in the US this past July~ Everyone has a fair chance of winning and their giveaways usually have a lot of different things you can enter for to win! So go follow them if you don't! ^^ They really are just awesome!

I love K-Pop, music, dancing, singing, food, Kingdom Hearts, & many other things! My fav K-Pop groups are SJ, BTS, BigBang, GOT7, & Block B! I'm working hard to become successful in my dream career! ^^
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