3 Places You Will Never Find Happiness.

Ask anyone what they want to be when they grow up and they will say "happy."

It's something we should all be striving for. It is something that makes the bad times worth fighting through; because we know happiness will soon find us.

Here are 3 places you will NOT find happiness.

1. In someone who you left behind for a reason.

People end up in our past for a reason. Sometimes they come back and its nice, but most of the time people we leave behind should stay there. There are a million other people in the world ready and willing to show you that they deserve your time. You should never look for happiness where it has already been tainted. Strive for something new, something better, something that can last.

2. In approval from others.

In this life you will never ever get everyones approval. People love to judge, they love to criticize, and sometimes they just love to hear themselves talk. Trying to please everyone will only lead to feelings that are far from happiness. Find your own happiness and the people who matter will enjoy it with you.

3. In material possessions.

Yes, having a lot of shit rocks. Its nice to have the shoes you want, brand names and all that jazz. But honestly, having stuff wont give you a lasting happiness. Think about it this way, everyone LOVES Christmas right? But we only ever play with the gifts for a short time. What we really love about Christmas is the excitement of having family around, sharing good food, and making the people we love happy. So forget needing to own the best of everything and focus more on just being the best person you can be. Happiness will soon follow.

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