Most Disappointing Ending?

Dramas are amazing and take you on a wild ride, but what happens when the ending isn't as great as you wanted it to be?

What dramas had the most disappointing ending for you?

*warning: the comments might contain spoilers so read them at your own risk:*

For me?

Rooftop Prince


This is one of my favorite dramas, but the ending...The heroine gets a reincarnated version of her prince, while the prince… died alone, having to live out his life without her in the past where he belongs. So he sort of gets the girl? But not really? UGH SO NO SATISFYING AT ALL.

Boys Over Flowers

Because be honest, who really wanted to see Jandi with Jun Pyo when there was perfect Ji-hoo right there?! But then again Jandi and Jun Pyo are so perfect together?! I wouldn't have been satisfied with any ending really so rather than saying "disappointed" I'll just say that the ending tore my heart in two.

So what was the drama that disappointed you in the end?

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