How To Survive Those Cold Autumn Nights

When fall comes, so does the wind, rain, and coldness. You don't understand how much of a struggle it is to not jump on a plane to Hawaii and have the sun beaming on me. Well, I guess it's not that much of a struggle considering I am very much broke... But metaphorically, it's a big struggle. Now, I love autumn so much! There's so much to love about it! It's just that my ideal night isn't shivering until I hear my alarm ring and I'm sure it isn't yours either. So I thought I'd tell you how I keep warm during the season!

Dress For Warmth

It's autumn! That means it's time to embrace your inner Woozi and wear those amazing sweaters. Trust me, nothing is better than wearing a cozy and cute sweater and watching a good show while drinking tea. Which brings me to my next point...

Hot Drinks

Drinking hot drinks like tea or coffee will keep you warm and give you some serious BTS vibes. (I suggest listening to Coffee by BTS while drinking a hot coffee like caramel macchiato, expresso, or Americano)

Hot Foods

When I say hot, I don't mean spicy. I cannot handle my spice very well. But what I mean is, eat foods that'll keep you warm (usually something soup based). Things you can eat are ramen (and add things like broccoli, zucchini, water chestnuts), vegetable barley soup (can add meat if you want some protein and potatoes), and oatmeal (can add berries, apple slices).


This is the most fun and easiest way to warm yourself and your house up! It'll also give your house the best smell ever! Things like oatmeal raisin cookies and pumpkin cupcakes are my absolute favorite to bake. The smell of it is basically ambrosia and the taste!-just don't get me started haha.

Wrap Up

This is what blankets are for! Wrapping yourself like a burrito and sitting on a couch watching the third season of a show you just discovered the day before.

So here's my methods to staying warm! Is there anything you do to stay warm?

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