Five Funny Facts: Steve Martin

@JPBenedetto requested that I get a bit more 'old school' with my Five Funny Facts cards and honor one of our all-time favorite funnymen, Steve Martin. Steve has been making America (and the world!) laugh with his silly 'slaphappy' brand of comedy for over 40 years, so you'd think we'd know everything about him. However, I've thrown together this list of Five Funny Facts focusing on stuff we all might NOT know about him!

Shall we proceed?

He's kind of a banjo-playing badass.

I'm starting off with a fact that diehard Steve Martin fans definitely know, but many people who are aware of his work usually don't. He's an extremely talented five-string banjo player who began playing when he was 17 years old. He's even released quite a number of banjo albums both as a solo artist and alongside Edie Brickwell and the Steep Canyon Rangers!

He's also a critically acclaimed novelist.

Not only has he written numerous plays and screenplays (including his claim-to-fame 1979 film 'The Jerk'), but he's also written three novels and two children's books. One of his books - the novella 'Shopgirl - was adapted into an independent film starring Steve, Jason Schwartzman, and Claire Danes.

He's got a killer art collection.

When he's not playing the banjo or writing books, you can find Steve making some pretty hefty art purchases. Currently, he owns works by anyone from pop artist Roy Lichtenstein to Pablo Picasso and Edward Hopper. In fact, he's currently curating an art exhibit at UCLA's Hammer Museum featuring the works of Canadian painter Lawren Harris.

Now here's a real-life 'squad goal'.

Steve attended Garden Grove High School in the early 1960s, where he was on the cheerleading squad, served on student council, joined the drama club (of course), and worked his first part-time job at Disneyland, selling guidebooks on the weekend. (He probably doesn't get free entry to the park these days, but who else thinks he should?)


Steve trolled a popular 1960s game show.

Before Steve was famous, when he was studying theater at UCLA, he was a contestant on 'The Dating Game' in 1968, where he competed to win a chance to date Marsha Walker - his best friend's sister?! The two preplanned the silly questions they'd ask contestants, and then headed out together on the date they won - watching a bullfight in Tijuana, Mexico.


Did you already know these Steve Martin facts, or did you learn something new today?

Also, who should I write about next?!

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