(FanFic) Death Can't Touch Him, Not While He's Still Breathing

Hope hasn't been a word or a feeling in years, the belief of hope died when his family did (ironic that hope began with the promise of saving lives.) When he wanted to tear the world apart and kill and slaughter (he still does) hope was a trick to be laughed at, an delusion for the foolish and plain stupid. When Corazon saved him, it was a spark with desperation keeping it's flame, when Corazon died, hope died once again (or so he thought...) but then he met a kid among chains and human greed with a smile that just didn't fit in such a place, (the second place they meet is ironically among chains, where the world tries to steal everything.) But that's what happens, Law reasons, when you try to save the world instead of destroying it. Not to mention his foolish kindness (more of a reckless need to protect) with sparkling eyes full of innocence (not that Law believed that) with power simmering within him and stories about him making even the legends of the world do a double take. When Law saved this teen, who ran through hell for a brother who wasn't a brother by blood, but was a brother nonetheless. (Something aches, something sparks again.) Law knows what he did broke the gear and ended the era, (but at what cost?) Monkey D. Luffy didn't matter at the time, Straw hat Luffy did. When he met this teen again two years later in Punk Hazard, Law made an alliance because who better the ally than the man who's a living and breathing miracle that doesn't give two fucks about what the world thinks, says or does? Who challenges the world and lives? Arriving at Dressrosa, the tattooed dark surgeon believed he made a mistake. Who knew this mistake was a life saver? But judging from the way The Straw hats are sticking, he'll never get rid of them now, (It doesn't bug him like he thought it would, Robin sees his smile, not that he knew at the time.) On the ship with these rumored to be insane pirates, he quickly realized their not friends, their family, but maybe their both. After he was defeated in Dressrosa (again, the churning in his stomach reminds him.) Law broke the alliance, (but you can't break the alliance with a stubborn D, much less Luffy.) So Law left it up to the will of D (he left it up to him, the spark flared and turned into a fire) and when he seen the former Celestial Dragon crash into the world he wanted to throw asunder, Law felt, seen, breathed- hope again. (Who knew hope would be a straw-hat, bright smile, a small scar and shorter than him?) Looking up at straw hat, Luffy, Law reminds himself, somebody not someone to use. Someone who likes sea shanties and meat and loves to cuddle because he likes affection and gets cold easy, someone who breaths, laughs, and loves. Who sneaks out on deck to the kitchen, not always for food but shielding himself from nightmares well beyond two years ago, (a muttered out "Sabo.." and Law turns his head respectively, everyone has demons, even straw hat). And Law could have ended this from his own selfishness, staring up at straw hat guilt and shame and relief and- the spark becomes the size of the sea that the living breathing embodiment of hope sails with smiles and laughter and a soul brighter than the sun or any fire. As long as hope lives, Law will to, if he dies, no matter where Law is in the world, he'll personally make sure to kill the people responsible. But the dark surgeon has a feeling he won't be the only one. Disregarding the fact that if Luffy dies, oxygen burns his lungs, his heart stops for a second, just a second, bitterness and why, why, why, WHY- screams in his mind as hopelessness cripples him and rage brims his soul (ignoring his heart swelling in itself's, and the tears stinging his eyes.) Luffy can't die, Law won't let deaths hands touch him. (Maybe that idiotic bringer of hope is making him more reckless than he thought). I hope you enjoyed it! What are your thoughts?@shannonl5@VinMcCarthy@poojas

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