5 Struggles Every Shipper Has


Whatever your fandom, the struggle is real.

But at the end of the day fans need to stick together.

1. You can never find that perfect fic

Sure, you'll read (and love) yet ANOTHER coffee shop au full of tropes you know like the back of your hand, but you'll be craving something more for the rest of your shipper life.


2. Your Ship > Your Sleep Schedule

You forgo silly mortal needs like sleep for more important things like digging up more images of your OTP, beta-ing just one more chapter, or rolling around in feels.


3. EVERYTHING gives you feels

Literally everything anyone says? Your shipper brain will find a way to react to it and you will be overwhelmed by feels.


4. The world doesn't get you

I can absolutely tell you what "ao3 mcu a:aou abo bdsm ot3 hs au pwp" means, but I have no idea what the Pythagorean theorem is.


5. You've got a family for life

There's so much love in this community.


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