My 30 Day K-Pop Challenge: Day 19

This is a really late post but at least I made it before midnight here😅 it's the 19th day and I am sharing who I would want to be my little sister! It's the wonderful, precious...

Tzuyu from Twice! She's such a cutie! Although she's only 16/17, she's really talented. She's also the Taiwanese member of the group so she's representing her country as a kpop idol. Good on her! This is really short but I'll make up for it with tomorrow's post😄

Just a girl who listens to K-pop. Yep, that sounds pretty accurate.😊 If you want to talk about it, the good and/or the bad (Yes, there are worse things than sasaengs and bias wreckers 😏 or maybe not...) I'm all ears! Or eyes lol I look forward to hearing from y'all (I'm from the South. Don't judge 😂)
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