7 Essential Life Lessons from David Ortiz

Big Papi announced that the 2016 MLB season would be his last season as a professional baseball playerthis card

So, in order to celebrate his amazing career and his last upcoming career, here are some essential life lessons we can all take away from David Ortiz!

1. Make a good first impression.

People know him best for his time with the Red Sox, but he made his Major League debut with the Minnesota Twins in 1997. Just look at that smile! Who wouldn't want to play with that dude?

2. Be a trustworthy friend.

That's Big Papi and Pedro Martinez. Ortiz was released by the Twins by the end of the 2002 season and then he had dinner with his good friend, Pedro. Then a two months later, January 22nd, 2003, Ortiz signed a contract with the Red Sox. Coincidence?

I don't know but one thing's for sure. Ortiz had Pedro's back and Pedro had Ortiz's back.

3. Always dress to impress.

That casual hat belongs to Ortiz. And yes. That's his silhouette on the cap. Ortiz definitely knows what's up!

4. Always give good hugs.

No wonder why his nickname is Big Papi. This guy gives the greatest hugs. I wish I could get a hug from Ortiz and I'm not even a Red Sox fan!


5. Have the power to predict the future.

He knew that was going to be a ball before the pitch was even delivered. How crazy is that!

6. Know how to bring a whole team, a whole city together.

The video above is David Ortiz giving a speech at Fenway Park, after the Boston Marathon bombing. He sure knows how to rally the crowd. During the speech, he says,

"This is our fxxking city and nobody gonna dictate our freedom. Stay strong and thank you."


7. Know how to hit home runs.

In the end, Big Papi is a baseball player. And he has a great personality and all, but above all, he knows how to hit home runs and win ball games. That's why we are all going to miss him when he retires after the 2016 season.

Adieu Big Papi!


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