8 Cozy Date Ideas for Homebodies

Yes, you CAN have an amazing, romantic time without leaving the comfort of your own home! Which one of these ideas would your significant other be excited to try with you?

Paint together.

decorate a couple of mugs

Build a blanket fort.

The purposes of said blanket fort shall whenceforth be up to you. But before your mind goes somewhere... untoward, allow me to suggest: cuddling, watching a movie, playing video games, reading, or eating a bunch of candy!

Bake brownies (or another homemade treat).

It doesn't have to be complicated, or even from scratch. Just the act of turning on the oven can start to heat up the atmosphere. After working together, cooperating, and toiling away, you'll have the reward of delicious, warm-from-the-oven baked goods as a reward!

Take a snuggly nap together.

I think this totally counts as a date. Quality time together and quality sleep – what could be better?

Listen to each others' favorite music.

Take turns picking albums, playlists, or songs. You'll find you're not just getting to know each others' musical taste better – our personal soundtracks usually come with stories attached, so you'll probably find yourselves reminiscing, too. Lean back and enjoy the music, whether it's by swapping stories, cuddling, or slow dancing in your bare feet.

Record the less makeup-savvy partner giving the other a full makeover – and try to make it go viral.


Uncork a bottle of wine and cook dinner together.

spaghetti bolognesequinoa stuffed peppers

Have your own wine and cheese tasting.

Okay, you got me. I really want a glass of wine right now, but I swear, this is a good idea! Buy a couple cheap bottles and a few interesting cheeses, some fruit and crackers, and maybe some fancy chocolate (yum) and have an at-home wine tasting night. Experiment to find the best flavors combinations, and if you get a tiny bit smashed in the process... all the more fun. Hehe.

I dedicate this to my favorite homebody@jordanhamilton :) I bet you've already tried a bunch of these!!

Which date are you and your S.O. going to try this coming date night? :)

Think positive, love food, be happy :)
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