DIY repurposed gold center piece

Need a cute and chic centerpiece for your Thanksgiving meal? This DIY project is perfect — it gives you a vintage and chic centerpiece, and it's pretty cheap! It also helps out the environment by taking old materials and repurposing them. What could be better? This DIY tutorial comes from Brit + Co.


For this project, you will need:

-- Vintage candle holders (go look at a vintage or thrift store, like Goodwill)

-- Gold spray paint

-- Floral foam blocks

-- Flowers (fake or real)

-- Scissors

-- Gloves

-- Water (if you are using real flowers)

You can find the majority of these items at a craft store.

Spray paint the candle holders

Put your gloves on to protect your hands. Then, use the gold spray paint to paint the candle holders. Make sure you are painting them in a well-ventilated area or outside. You may need to do a few coats to make sure the paint is absolutely opaque. Let the paint dry completely.

Form the foam blocks

Use the scissors to cut the foam blocks down so that they will fit inside the candle holders. Puncture each foam block with the end of the one of the scissor blades so that the flowers will fit inside. If you are using real flowers, dip each foam block into a cup of water. The water will help keep the flowers looking fresh for a while.

Put the foam inside the candle holders

Push the foam blocks inside the opening at the top of the candle holders.

Insert flowers

Take your flowers — real or fake — and put them inside the hole that you made inside the foam block. You may want to put a few flowers in there to make the centerpiece full.

Set up on your table and enjoy your chic centerpiece!

For more DIY projects for your home or apartment, check out the "DIY home" collection!

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