let's talk! :) I want to get to know people from the kpop fandom ❤️

one thing we all have in common: we're here because we love kpop! We're a community, and I would love to be connected with you guys! Comment below 1) your name 2) what made you start liking kpop/ and who you heard of first 3) your bias/and favorite group and why my name is kat, I first started when my sister introduced kdrama to me. my first kdrama was BOF and Playful kiss, after that, she introduced HELLO BABY SHINee, from then on, I became a shawol 😚 I've been a SHINee fan since 2010 and never regretted becoming a fan. I actually originally either heard Taeyang's wedding dress, or one of Wonder Girls' song. I wasn't much of a fan, and I had no idea what kpop was until my sister introduced me hehe. My bias group has always been SHINee. EXO and Big Bang were close to becoming my bias at one point, but I always drifted away from them and went back to SHINee. My ultimate bias is Jonghyun, because of his amazing personality. I really really like him! :) (Although Key is very close to being tied with JH 😅) your turn!

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