Suzy talks about her role in "Gu Family Book"

miss A’s Suzy had an interview with MBC’s PR team on March 27 where she talked about her role in the upcoming MBC drama “Gu Family Book.” Suzy will be playing the character named “Dam Yeo Wool” who is a martial arts instructor. Suzy said of the role, “I think I was attracted to the drama because it was a love story about a half-human half-beast. Although a bit different from ‘Gu Family Book,’ I enjoy vampire genres.” She also talked a bit about how she was already prepared for her role, “My father ran a Tae Kwon Do dojo, so I learned Tae Kwon Do when I was younger. I believe that my younger years learning Tae Kwon Do was very similar to the positive personality of ‘Dam Yeo Wool.’” Suzy then spoke about her charms, “I really don’t know what my charms are. (Laughter) I think it’s my fresh energy because I am young. I will try my best to show you better acting.” “Gu Family Book” will begin broadcasting on April 8.

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