17 Days of Seventeen

Day 5 Woozi

So I was showing all the members in order by age but because it's his birthday (and mine!) I just had to. So.....

Happy Birthday!!

Name: Lee Ji Hoon (이지훈) Team: Vocal (Leader) Nickname: Mr. Fluorescent Sneakers Birth Year: November 22, 1996 Height: 164cm Weight: 53kg Blood Type: A

He looks adorable in polka dots!

And stripes..

And basically anything else.

So basically he's kinda short but lots of fun! He's an amazing song writer and a great dancer. He turned 19 today and I hope he had a lovely birthday.

I love Kpop way too much. I have a really long bias list and sadly it keeps growing. My need to go to Korea is way too strong and my procrastination habit has gotten worse because of Kpop. However I am extremely happy because of Kpop and don't know what my life would be like without it. 😊
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