I love BTS.!! ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍

(May 31 and I am wearing a black shirt) Jungkook sang to me became I'm his girlfriend. lol my lucky day lol what did you get and what's you favorite song and member? My favorite song is miss right and my favorite member is all of them can't choose. 😩😂😍 Comment below 👇🏼 lol

My names Melissa. I'm 23 yrs old . My birthday is May 31 my favorite Kpop bands are BTS, BigBang, 2ne1 ,Sistars and Exo and I love Kpop obviously that's why Iam on here lol . Iam recently new and I hoping to make new friends especially in the Kpop.😊 Facebook: Melissa Navarro Instagram: melissa_chona_ Snapchat: sweetface51611 Add me! 😊😘😎💕
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