Get to know VAV (game)

I love this group so much! however, it has come to my attention that some people A) don't like them B) don't like the cover song and its only one they heard C) are trying to defend Vixx for recent rumors of copy cats D) just plain and simple, don't know them so after my meet and greet with them yesterday i decided to make this card game so that we can get to know them a little bit better. I have the pleasure of being in every event they have had thus far, i'm really happy about that because I like to do studies and i have learned so much from them- things that media won't show. I have seen their attitude, they way they carry themselves and now even more after talking to them i only like them even more. I just want people to give this rookie group a chance, so won't you play this game with me? =)

Age game

because I was seriously amazed by this! in some social media they have said their birthdays but not birth year so I just had to ask them (note: Korean age ) Also the one i thought was the oldest was really the youngest and the one I thought was the youngest was the oldest!!!! SWIPE TO REVEAL guess age!


Can you guess his age? I was pretty accurate (ps: sorry i had to share the b day pic of us lol)



I was so off on this one!!!


Don't be fooled by his height :)



I was super wrong about most of the ages!

vav Korean and Chinese boy band

who is from where? CAN YOU GUESS?

I should have known this before i went to see them! it was embarrassing when I said to one of them... it's ok you can write message in Korean and he said to me "sorry I don't know how to write in korean" lol AHHH!!!!


I love these boys! they are all so awesome! as I sat there looking at them interact with fans I could see just how they are and in my own opinion....

Gyeoul: vocal

This cute shorty is from Seobinggo, Korea . his favorite color is black and his favorite animal a wolf.

Baron: Vocal, Dance

From Osan, Korea Barons favorite colors are white and blue and likes Dogs as well as cats.When asked what is his type he said: wide forehead and pretty eyes!

Xiao: Rap, Dance, Visual

WHEN asked about hobbies he said: sleeping, singing and showering... XIAO you and I have more in common than i thought possible lol

Ace: Vocal, Dance

From Anyang, Korea his favorite colors are black and red, he likes soccer and claims to have no bad habits :)

St.van: Leader, Main Vocal

From Korean but lived in China for very long time. He likes the colors ,red, black and white. His favorite animal are dogs.

Jacob: Rap, Dance, Maknae

From China, His favorite colors are also red and black (good thing that's the groups colors!) he likes dogs and his hobbies include street dance and skateboarding

Who is your favorite ?

Did any of these boys ruin your already long bias list?

My favorites in order of way of being lol are Xiao,st.van,Ace, Jacob, Baron and Gyeoul.

I hope you guys likes this card game, it my first card game so I hope it's good and that you guys get to know and like VAV

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