SO UM...

SO IDK IF I'M LATE OR WHATEVER BUT... LU HAN MADE A FLIPPING MOVIE! But that's not the best part, sadly... GUESS WHO FREAKING SHOWED ME THE TRAILER...MY MOM. YEP THAT'S RIGHT. She was like "Look at this new movie that has Koreans in it" to me and my older sister, who adore all things Korean. So me and my older sister rush over to my mom and start watching the trailer. And while we're watching the trailer all the sudden we see Lu Han! THEN ME AND MY SISTER START HAVING A HEART ATTACK!! WE ARE LEGIT JUMPING AND SCREAMING! And and while we're having a fangirl moment my mom just like WTF. And then me and my sister have to explain to her who Lu Han is!! THIS IS ONE HELLA FUNNY EXPERIENCE

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