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Hello Vinglers!

Another Day, Another Song! Let's Go~

Denshin Unchained by FREE (Mushibugyo)

Probably a lot of you don't know about Mushibugyo but believe it or not this came out in 2013 and for some reason not too many people know about it outside of Japan. Even I had completely forgotten about it because people wouldn't talk about it. I remembered just today thanks to the song and even played the game~ I love that "Indie J-Rock" and it's a shame not many animes have this style of music for their songs.

The Original MV for those curious about the duo. Unfortunately this video is not as entertaining as there's not much to see, but I liked the effects and I didn't really listen to the full song but it's even better now that I have. I lost it when I heard the guitar solo my god O.o

Have you heard about "Mushibugyo"? Would you be interested in watching it?

Close your eyes and listen~

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