[Review] Tony Moly Prestige Carat Smartap BB cream SPF30 PA++

Price: KRW 33000 (approx USD 33) Net Content: 20g I bought this just to try the trending makeups these days: micro-vibrating makeups. The best point of this trend is it makes makeup easier and faster beyond hand-use. We usually tap our face after applying basic skin care products for it to absorbed well into skin. Same goes for makeup product. The more we tap, the stronger the BB cream will stick on our face and it will look more flawless. This product introduction is to give perfect makeup by vibrating 9,000 times per minute, has the whitening and reduce the wrinkles, but it doesn't have options for the color and shades :( If you buy this, they will give you extra puff (yeay!) so you can replace the old one if it gets really dirty. (They sad if you use the vibrator 2 minutes a day, the puff can last for 3 months). It is easy to use, just press vibration puff to operate auto puff, stamp the cream on forehead and cheeks. gently apply on entire face, and reapply on imperfection as needed. I tested it on my hand, the coverage looks really good and it's also moisturized. I put a tissue on my hand after applying the product, but it didn't smear there :) Last but not least, since applying vibrating make ups will goes into the pores even deeply than usual makeups, I suggest you all to wash your face carefully and make sure there is no make up left on your face :)

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