Nuptial Succulents

Not everything has to be festooned with flowers at your wedding. If you're over the drama, expense and look of flowers galore at weddings, then I want to encourage you to explore other ideas that aren't so showy or flowery. Immediately, what comes to mind are succulents. Take a look at how chic these are in a rustic mobile flower box?! I love this!

Succulents are great because you can find them just about anywhere and the cost for these is so inexpensive. Also, there are big box home improvement stores that allow you to return foliage (no questions asked) if you're not totally happy with them. I say that because you may want to experiment with succulents (or other plants) to see if they will work for your wedding. If you don't like them, simply return them for your money back! Pretty easy!

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