Long Lost Orchid: Cattleya

See that stunning streak of yellow amidst the wash of white florals for this wedding bouquet?! Most probably won't know what this flower is. Some may guess that it's a daffodil, which it isn't. This is a white cattleya--an orchid!

When it comes to orchids and special events, this one no longer reins supreme. It's been shelved in favor of other varieties such as cymbidium, phalaenopsis and dendrobium. But that doesn't mean the cattleya is inferior.

I'd love to see this magnificent orchid type get back in the limelight! The coloring is beautiful, and also comes in a variety of other shades. The frills and ruffles make this a truly elegant and feminine silhouette, which is not common among orchids, which are typically on the masculine side.

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