Rap Monster Day!!!!(Day 2 of BTS week and Noona November)

Namjoon.....what to say about him? Firstly he's an amazing leader! He can handle the goofballs that are BTS.

He is very attractive when he's serious and then he smiles and I die! He's dimples are just perfect!!!! credit to@AimeeH for the pick up line picture.

He looks good in any hair color. Some I like more than others but he looks amazing!

I used to not like Namjoon and then he somehow worked his way in.

Doesn't look like he's leaving anytime soon.... but I'm ok with that...


Happy Tuesday everyone and I hope you all have a great day....think about Rap Monster today all day lol.


Hi everybody! I'm excited to meet and talk to people who also love kpop and k dramas.
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