Fairy Tail Challenge 23

It's day 23 of the Fairy Tail Challenge! Today's prompt is Funniest scene/episode.

Here's the challenge card for anyone who wants to participate! Remember to tag me in your cards cuz I want to see them!

So my choice is Episode 19! This is the episode where all the wizards of Fairy Tail switch bodies and powers and engage in a lot of hilarious moments! Gray in Lucy's body being one of my favorites. Lol

Thanks for reading my card and remember to tell what you think some of the funniest moments and episodes in Fairy Tail are! Have a great day! Ja ne

I love to watch anime and if I like it enough I'll pick up the manga. I love to hear about others opinions and thoughts on anime and love to have discussions about them. So, start a conversation! I'll participate. Lol
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