{NN} Gold is King, Mongrels.


In response to VinMcCarthy's Nani November [Dressed to kill], this card was super fun.

I've been dying to plaster this guy all over a card. Now I have the perfect excuse.

Bwuahahah, indulge in the glitter guys and gals.

What is your favorite outfit in all of anime?




....What glitters is Gold.....


Gilgamesh is the great half-god, half-human King who, during the years before Jesus Christ was born, ruled over the Sumerian city-state of Uruk, the capital of ancient Mesopotamia. He was an ultimately transcendent being so divine as to be two thirds god and one third human that no other person in the world could match him. He was a despot with high divinity who thought he was invincible.

While not really a legend, he is said to have actually existed during the Summer Dynasty five thousand years ago. He was the King of Heroes who possessed all things in the world, whose tale is recorded in mankind's oldest epic poem, "The Epic of Gilgamesh" which portrays him as a hero, destined to be king and achieve great challenges, who is driven to fulfill his destiny, facing these challenges themselves together with his best friend Enkidu.

Gilgamesh is a tall and dignified young man with golden hair that stands up like a blazing flame. He's described as handsome with an elegant face, and his blood-red eyes are visibly not those of a human and give off a mysterious radiance that make people wither. He has a "perfect, Golden-proportioned body" that is described as emanating majesty that makes the flames surrounding him afraid to come close. He regularly wears golden armor that makes a heavy first impression on those encountered by himself.


When he fights at his full power in Fate/hollow ataraxia,

he gains a number of red tattoos on his body that are not usually present.


Gilgamesh likes to wear casual clothing, "playing attire" to ward off boredom from being in spirit form when he's not battling, such as modern match-up of a leather jacket with fashionable furs and leather pants. He's always wearing some form of gold accessories, whether it be earrings, bracelets or even a necklace. After all he has a vault full of the stuff, so why not use it to the fullest? That includes wine ...which he's overly fond of.


Speaking of his Vault. His noble phantasm spits out a 'nearly' unlimited supply of weapons.

And isn't it all quite stunning when put together with his own surreal and sun-like appearance?


This man's style is flashy, expensive and almost ridiculous. But that is why I LOVE it.

The combination of his personality and the character he portrays, along with all the glittering-sparkling goods is just pure awesomesauce.

And isn't crap-luck that I'm allergic to Gold?

This guy would seriously kill me. Lmao


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