Viagra Is Saving Children's Lives.

Yes, this little blue pill has been doing tremendous things for men, but it turns out that it's being used in children's hospitals to save the lives of patients ranging from premature infants to preteens.

Well, how?

Dr. Anne Chun of NYU's School of Medicine states that, while the pill was originally being used off-label to lower blood pressure, there has been a completely different condition Viagra has been proven to be far more beneficial for:

"It really helps to relax the blood vessels so that blood will flow normally from the body into the lungs and allow for normal oxygen levels."

This is especially important for babies suffering from pulmonary hypertension, a potentially lethal lung condition that is the leading cause of death in premature newborns.

It also assists with rare heart conditions typically discovered in the juvenile stage of life, keeping them alive and their circulation stabilized until they are able to receive the heart transplants that they require.

While primarily only used in certain children's hospitals at the moment, the study of 'off-label' Viagra's potential uses continues to prove extremely beneficial to the livelihood of many with circulatory conditions, and more and more hospitals are re-purposing the drug.

Would you let a doctor prescribe Viagra to your kids?

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