Top 5 Death Note

A list of my PERSONAL favourite characters from the anime death note. Once again, opinions are strictly my own. Sorry if you dont agree, but thats really not my problem lol. AND NO IM NOT INCLUDING LIGHT GOD DAMNIT WHY DOES EVERYONE GET SO ATTACHED TO HIM JESUS. Ok baii ;)

#5 Misa Although she is a "thirsty hoe" (among other quotes from my roommate) shes just really likable for some reason... Idk

#4 Matsuda Although a fairly unimportant character, Matsuda, one of Lawliet's coworkers, is completely ridiculous, which makes him all the better.

#3 Near With his child like tendencies, Near is my favourite of L's two successors. I would explain more of why i love Near so much but the fandom would KILL ME for the spoilers if i did so i'll just leave it at that.

#2 Ryuk Light's original shinigami who left him the Death Note and essentially started the plot for the story. Another mildly creepy comic relief character that appear fairly often in anime.

#1 L Once again, the most obviously lovable character is in #1. L (Lawliet), detective, mastermind, and generally adorable man-child. What can i say? He's great.

Im pretty awful really ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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