Buddy [Funny Dog Show]

Hello Funny Community! In honor of the Funny Dog Show, I would like to show you my dog, Buddy Monster Dog Rose (yes, that is his full name). Buddy is a short hair dachshund mix, given to me by my best friend and described to me as a "toe licker" (he really wasn't joking, it's been 4 years and he still licks everyone's toes). Buddy's hobbies include annoying the cat, humping the cat and his sister Grace, wrestling the cat, tormenting other dogs, sleeping, cuddling, barking at nothing to hear himself bark, and whining at your bedside at 7am until you wake up to let him in bed so he can sleep and cuddle with you,tormenting my little brother by never letting him wear socks (aka pulling his socks off of him), belly rubs, and unpacking boxes filled with blankets right before you move (see second picture).

I hope I can count on your vote for Buddy for the Funny Community Dog Show!

I'm Lili, you can call me anything you want. I'm also a huge Kpop nerd.
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