So in this interview (which I watched like 7 times and it's an hour long... I'm crazy), it came known to Big Bang that YG wants them under his roof for at least 20 more years. But GD said that when they get old they won't perform anymore and I was like NO. NO NO NO, YOU AIN'T EVER QUITTING, I SERIOUSLY DON'T CARE IF YOU GET OLD, YOU NEED TO KEEP MAKING MUSIC BECAUSE YOUR MUSIC IS BAE. ^^ That's a rant sorry. I really hope they don't quit, they're amazing.♡ But it's their decision & I'll respect it.

How often do you want me to update, & what do you want me to write about? Please comment.♡ BTW a lot of you are saying the title is misleading... it isn't... because they will quit one day... **CREDS TO VIPSUNITE FROM INSTAGRAM FOR THESE POSTS**

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