Thanksgiving Challenge!

Hey everyone! In the spirit of Thankgiving, I wanted to make a challenge! This group has made me fall even deeper into the world of kpop and though I have been lacking posts lately, I still check this group all throughout the day. So here is the Challenge! 1. What kpop group are you most thankful for and why? 2. What kpop mv are you most thankful for and why? 3. How has kpop helped you this year? 4. What kpop idol inspires you most and why? We can have fun with this but my main point for this challenge is the fact that regatdless of how much we are given weird looks when we fangirl/fanboy over a comeback or new teaser pics, kpop has genuinely touched our hearts and changed our lives. Its ok to get serious sometimes. Tag your friends! and Me!

1. I am most thankful for Infinite! I couldnt have gotten through this past year without them. I made a lot of new friends because of them and I have grown as a person because of their love and passion.

2. The music video I am most thankful for is Beautiful Liar by Vixx LR. It is beautiful and heartbreaking. It conveys so much emotion and I can watch it over and over again.

3. kpop has helped me become a better person. kpop has taught me that on the other side of the world there are people who live a way of life completely different from mine. They practice 12 hours a day to be absolutely perfect. They go against their parents wishes. They deal with deep rooted cultural issues. I have lived my life stuck in the USA bubble. Now I live my life wishing I could experience all the other cultures. I want a life where I do something I love regardless of if my society doesnt think its "normal".

4. The Kpop idol that inspires me most is None other than Amber Liu. Although she is not my ultimate bias, I love her. She proves time and time again that there are no limits when it comes to acheiving your dreams. She didnt speak korean she was just an American Girl from LA. Now she is one of the hottest female kpop idols. She is strong and witty but so insanely real. She loves her work and she loves her fans. I aspire to be like her.

So there it is! I love you guys!@unbreakable1109@nate1226@kpopandkimchi@aimeeh@b1a4bts5ever i challenge all of you!

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