4 Studies that Show How Being Thankful is Good for You

Happy Thanksgiving to all those Vinglers in the U.S.! Aside from us celebrating our U.S. history, today is the day we try to reflect and be thankful for people and things in our lives. Because not only is it good to do... it's also good for our health and well-being.

Here are 4 studies that explain how.

1. Thankfulness helps you be a better friend

Emotion in 2014

2. Thankfulness helps your heart

study found that

3. Thankfulness helps with sleep

university students

4. Thankfulness gives you an overall better sense of well-being

University of California study

So focus on those blessings Vinglers, and you'll not only be happy, but you'll also be healthy. (Health is what I need after eating all this pie...)

This year I'm thankful for all my Vinglers out there! :)

“Smile until you feel better. I call it Kimmying."
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