I Dedicate My Thanksgiving To...


Thanksgiving, an American holiday either beloved (because of the food) or hated (because Columbus was actually a total dick.) Either way, almost every American celebrates Thanksgiving. And weather you care about Columbus or not, I for one will not give him Thanks.

they don't even know me.

Sounds weird right? Yes, yes, I am extremely thankful for my family who I can not live without, my friends who made me who I am today (P.S. Im fun AF), and my boyfriend who knows exactly what to do to make me smile.

my BIGGEST THANKS this year goes out to the troops currently fighting for us, a whole ocean away.

every day their loved ones wake up with a knot in their stomach, wondering if this is the day their world will shatter around them.

who are sacrificing everything because they believe people they don't even know deserve a life free of constant violence and fear.

I dedicate my thanks to the families that have to stay home. That have to wait and hope and pray their loved ones return safe.

I am thankful, always, for their bravery.

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