{NN} Inviting you for dinner?? Heh maybe!

Oh yeah Thanksgiving is tomorrow (for those that celebrate it....you know its a huge thing in the U.S....do you guys celebrate it I would love to know!!) And you know what that means!! Soooo much food!!! Ahhh I am so ready for it all!!! My family loves making smoked pineapple ham and tamales!! (although tamales is more of a Christmas thing) So if I would invite one anime character to my dinner.....it would have to be someone who eats as much or less as me..... cuz no one is going to steal MY tamales!!


I have decided I would invite.....Rin Okumura!!! For some reason I can't remember the names of other anime's I watched (proves that I have watched many) He is a great cook so I know he would love to help around in the kitchen and he would enjoy any food so he would make a wonderful guest!! Imagine I could learn how to cook with him helping me!! The dinner would be very chill and probably a very happy place because Rin is just a cute ball of happiness capable of making those around him laugh!! Now that is something to be thankful for!! Besides there are other people I would invite but Rin is the one that stands out for me because I know that he will be respectful to my family and anyone that was invited! We would be thoroughly entertained with his freak outs heh!! And so adorable this cutie has been cooking since he was a little kid!! Tagging@VinMcCarthy @ArmyofKookie@CreeTheOtaku@Emealia

Proud K-pop loving Californian girl!! Major fan of Bts and VIXX!! Ask away...heh I am very fun once you get to know me, I would love to make friends on here! Send me a message if you are interested ^-^
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