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I'm really thankful for this bunch of guys. Way back in like 2010, I got into this got of wonderful guys and at the time it was, Kevin, Xander, Kibum, Dongho, and Eli. Shortly after Kieseop was added. And then the heartbreaking time of Kibum and Xander leaving. Who were soon replaced by Hoon and AJ. At first I didn't like that they were being replaced but then I came to realize that they will never replace Kibum or Xander but then I began to adore and love them and they grew on me. Through the years before something "big" happened U-Kiss came out with some AMAZING and inspiring music. In the album Neverland, there is a song, 'Someday' and it helped me soooooo much. The lyrics are so deep and inspiring. I still listen to it today. It's truly amazing. But not many years later it was announced Dongho was leaving. My UB was leaving. It was A LOT more heartbreaking than when Xander and Kibum left. I had never cried that much in my entire life. And I feel into depression. And then AJ was announced hiatus from U-Kiss and had heart surgery. Things that year weren't the best. It was the worst year as a KissMe. Then Jun was added. Okay, I was actually not a very welcoming fan. I hated him. I felt like he was replacing Dongho and that he didn't deserve to be in the group that had been so special for me all those years. But slowly I began to accept him and he slowly began showing his less awkward side to the fans. And although I do still miss Dongho, I love Jun. So through these obstacles as a KissMe I learned many life lessons. I especially learned that except the unexpected and when it comes accept it for what it is. Thank you to U-Kiss! And congratulations to Dongho's engagement!

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