You have 9 seats left which kpop stars will sit with you?

1. Red Velvet/ Wendy

2. SevenTeen/ Jeonghan next to wendy because he knows her and aren't in the company.

3. T-ara/ Qri so she can get to know others she doesn't usually come across with.

4. Big Bang/ T.o.p I feel like his personality will click with Qri.

5. 2Ne1/ Dara so she talks with others then just T.o.p

6. Nu'est/ Ren I feel like him and Dara will get along.

7. Girls Generation/ YoonA She is so nice and friendly. so she gets to sit in the middle.

8. Bangtan Boys/ v so he can meet others.

9. Shinee/ Key His sass and v's sass will come together to make friendship.

Those are my 9 kpop guest let me know who yours will be in the comments. I placed them in seats that I feel would work for them because of personality. If you want to seat them in order of favorites feel free to do so. Tag your and others. Hope you enjoyed!!! :)

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