2. ZE:A

In 2011 I got into ZE:A. During this time their song 'Here I Am' had just come out and it was this really fun and boyfriend-like concept that really captured my eye. Ukiss hadn't come out with a concept like that before so seeing it was really amazing. The boyfriend concept was really cute and sweet and just something different that I really enjoyed. Of course being only 11 at the time I didn't really pay attention to relationships and what not. But anyways, ZE:A was like a really bad addiction. I just couldn't get enough of their music. Their was just something about their music and voices that was just so calming and appealing. I also really liked ZE:A because I thought Dongjun was really handsome and charming. Typical, right? But in the summer of 2011, when ZE:A released Heart for 2, Minwoo really captured my heart. He was, I guess, my type.(still is) Through the years with ZE:A they release AMAZING music. And I really loved them all! ZE:A Five was created in 2013 and again they were a more boyfriend-like concept (plus Minwoo was in the group) so I really liked the group. And then in September of 2014 things weren't so good. The leader of ZE:A, Moon Junyoung threatened to disband the group. I cried. 2014 was a shitty year. Now in 2015(this year) ZE:A released, Continue. And again I cried. But tears of joy this time. And the song felt like a message to us fans telling us that they would "continue" making music as a group and they would keep moving forward from the past. At the end of the video it stated, "July 2009 - the day we prepared for our first stage" And I believed that this was also a message that they won't give up on their dreams. Then on August of this year, it was announced that Minwoo, my bias, would be enlisting in the military on September 15th. And I remember the last thing he posted on his Instagram was him getting his hair cut. He looked so beautiful and gentle. His smile. God, I miss it. At this moment I am writing this(10:53am) it is approximately, 19 months 17 days 1 hour and 6 minutes Till he will return. But for now I will wait patiently and pray he is well. Anyways, Thank you to ZE:A for teaching me, that even if it's hard, have a positive attitude and smile through it all. ZE:A fighting!

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