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Park Yuchun will reveal a surprise song at JYJ’s Tokyo Dome concert that will be held for 3 days starting on April 2. C-jes entertainment official said, “Park Yuchun will unveil his own composition at the concert. Due to his drama activities, Park Yuchun has not been able to release a solo album unlike the other members who released their solo albums last year and this year. He then decided to announce the new song for their fans. There are lots of expectations for this concert and this song is a great gift to fans.” A new song called ‘Walking With Her in Spring’ is a Britpop genre and the lyrics express the heart pounding feelings of a man in love. Park Yuchun said, “It’s been a while since we met the fans at Tokyo Dome. During the long wait, there was sadness so I want to greet everyone with a song I created as a start for everyone to be happy. I made the melody and lyrics to welcome the new spring season.” A total of 150,000 fans are expected to attend JYJ’s Tokyo Dome concert. In addition, the final show will be screened at cinemas across Japan expecting to reach a total of 210,000 fans

I really like Korean dramas..I'll be posting kdramas that I've watched to share with you guys..if you ever have any good kdramas pls do recomment them.
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