A True Love Story Never Ends

Today I was thinking about this and wondering about love stories. There must be millions upon millions of love stories out there. But which ones are the best? What makes them qualify as best? I was about to drive myself crazy about it until I remembered that Quora has answered every question known to man. Sure enough, I typed, Best Short Love Stories. What came up was AMAZING! Here's my favorite so far:

*On a cold, chilly evening both of them were sitting on a bench, in a park, talking nonchalantly*

She - I'm dying in this cold, look at my hands, they've turned white. They're so numb, I can't feel a thing.

He - Okay, let me grab them

*He clasps her hands in his palms*

She - Your hands are warm, this feels good. How did you manage to keep them warm when it is so cold.

He - Well I never took them out of my jacket. I knew you would be cold so I kept my hands warm for you

She - Do you know what warm hands signify? They signify loyalty.

He - I didn't know that. Now you're making things up.

She - No, I'm not, it's not my fault that you don't read many books.

He - Alright

*A year later as he sat on the same bench, alone, reminiscing the moment, He remembered how right she was. Warm hands did signify loyalty, and her hands were cold, so cold*

This was written (and submitted by) Gourav Zutshi, who is a Quora regular with almost 50,000 views in just that past 30 days. His lifetime views is over 600,000. Oh, and he's only 22. If he's single, then you ladies might want to look him up.

What are some of your most favorite love stories? Please share. Or write your own! I'd love to read it!

FYI, the title card was created using the EventShark font that I downloaded (FOR FREE) at dafont.com. I share that with you because many of you in the Weddings Community are always on the hunt for a new or cool font that you can use for your wedding. Well, now you know where I got it.

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