Open Source Martial Arts, Stance. dancers opinion also

So time begin with open source style, a chance learn from others style and ways of thought I could never find alone. I'll begins with technical definition.  Stances are the distribution, foot orientation and body positions (particularly the legs and torso) adopted when attacking, defending, advancing or retreating. Long stances are very stable, but this is at the expense of agility. Most stances are approximately as wide as the shoulders, though there is significant variation between styles. Low stances are very powerful and assist delivery of power through the body to either the arms or the legs. High stances are more mobile and allow one to reposition rapidly. Distribution of weight on each foot even applies. "The arms and kicking leg are important only because they are the vehicles of body force. They, the tools, only give expression to body force when the body is in proper alignment. The position of the hands and arms and of the legs and feet that facilitate easy body expression is important" Bruce Lee Our stance needs to flexible, Many styles teach several stance each having a set attacks used. This limits ways you can act. Several set at a angle dominant away to your opponent to be less a target.. Truly this isn't best way. You should be facing, square to your target. Facing opponents gives you more use of both arms. Both arms should be trained well making judging dominant arm harder. As you dodge this will set at angles giving advantage those stances without starting out so. More options also open up not needing perfect angle to present itself.. In real situations most people attack from behind, usually grabbing women's hair, or they are also cowards so expect they have help. You can react easier to this not needing to time react for right move set for that situation. When women are attacked to take advantage of, they tend hold them trying to wear them out. So we need be affective in even those situations. One stance that helps women or any smaller person use leverage for larger attackers for locks/throws. As it is also to use punches/kicks on next attack. Eye gauging fish hooking, and other attacks considered brutal I want. This is because they ate. I want anyone attacking a woman permanently scarred as well full PTSD so they make reconsider such actions. Openants give you the best move to use. Every move creates a opening, So quick tight attacks made up close are key. We need allow variation for each person unique take. Yet easily use our ideals. We will be using the 6 standard punches boxing/ MMA use for sure. Well as any moves that work in real world application. You will see people sacrifice their stance to land a blow or lock. This is not OSMA. While it would seems to make sense to do this, the goal of combat is not just to hit your opponent at all costs. It’s to do so in a way that weakens their position while at the same time strengthening your own. You need master how to control your bodyweight/position based on what your opponent gives you. Make that applicable , and rest falls in place. Arts to look to Wing Chun, MMA,  Ba Gua, Akido, and boxing. I look forward ideas and philosophy from others to learn from also. Hope I didn't over do all you had to read, but so much more to know in this. So many styles with so many versions. We need find the best mix.

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