Fashion King Ep 20 LAST CHAPTER FINISHED- Photos Added

Look Down the Page! ******************************************* Doesn't The Photo Above remind You of Just How These Two SHOULD be together? It's The End, My Friends 'TEARS' (At least for FK, but i'll be on the Next Hot Drama For Sure LOL) So, How CRAZY DARK yesterda's episode was, for all of you? Man..Jaehyuk was on such an Emotional Rollercoaster, while Youngul was basically THE DEVIL in person. I know he was fighting his own demons, and reacting the only way he has ever known (being a man B**ch with that mouth of his LOL), but he hurt everyone he loves. On the girls side, Anna seems to be finally doing better, on her own, for once! Yes, girl! It's okay to be SINGLE! A man isn't always the ONLY way to a complete life! Gayoung, on the other hand, is losing herself in this relationship with Youngul. As self-destructive as he's becoming, she has now given up her Great career, just to be Happily in Love with Him. And Yet... Tonight! Let's Celebrate! Not Moan! Alright? I am SURE & POSITIVE that the Drama Writers have come with a 'Happy End'. But Something tells me it's going to be Not Your Typical 'Walt Disney' Happily ever After one. Hope for Originality and...FAN SERVICE? As in 'Smooch Smooch, please? LOL 1PM GMT (22:00 Korea time) On Your Computer, You shall Sit, bring some healthy Snacks, will you? I'll be eating Oranges ^O- *************************************************** At Last, Youngul's Secret regarding His father's death is finally revealed to his Lovely Factory sewers and Gayoung, as they received some call while eating all together. Youngul isn't Around. Away from ther, over Jaehyuk's Compagny, He receives an unexpected visit From Evil Miss Jo! She's here just to check wether he knows or not about a few points regarding Youngul's on going plans. He knows most of it all, until she mentions The Compagny he owns now in the US! He and Youngul and other Fashion related compagny heads are having a meeting that same, actually. Now all on the same spot, Anna, Youngul and Jaehyuk, all that this latter is thinking about is Miss Jo's poisonous Words. Later that night, Youngul gets called by his 2 best friends. Some 'Rumors' are being spread on the papers about him doing some Fishy Activities. I don't have to tell you how these rumors started, right? Lucky for him, when he goes back to his fancy appartment, there is a Sweet surprise awaiting him. Gayoung cooked a feast for, and even is Apologizing about everything she's done, and says she's Taking the Shop! She ...Does This cute thing korean girls usually do to get forgiven for stuff u know 'Aehyo' LOL She heard it works everytime from the Sewer ladies LOL how Cute! On Top of it, she gives him something extremely precious! Her full sketchbook! Basically, every outfit, every dress, every creating piece of clothing she drew when inspired is now on his hand! Second thing you know, he calls his assistant:"Start planning for A Big Fashion Show" How Greedy! Of course, Gayoung couldn't say anything as they just made up after their several fights, Poor Honey >< Later on her way home, Gayoung gets this disturbing phonecall from one of the sewers! Oh no! So many contractors who usually work in partnership with Youngul's compagny are all over the factory just ruining everything they have their hands on! The rumors went too far! Gayoung somehow guesses who is responsible for this! She goes meeting Jaehyuk! He's at this bar, with cheap girls and other friends, and Gayoung gets mistaken for one of those girls by one of them! Jaehyuk does nothing to protect her! Hurt and tearful, she manages to get to him, as she asks him to let her love in peace and Stop messing with his business! Right after she leaves, he immediately regrets his behavior, runs after her! "Until when you'll keep denying your feelings towards me? Don't you act like you feel absolutely nothing! I will wait for you if you can't answer me now. I still love you. I will wait". Says Jaehyuk and leaves her frozen and confused on her place! Youngul on the other hand, can't be found anywhere to solved the problem at the factory! Poor Guy is at his Father's Grave. He seems to have made PEace with that Dark Part of his life, After his dad left this world. Oh no..Youngul! What are you doing?? What are You doing?? Youngul is at Jaehyuk's office BEGGING FOR MONEY!! "im..i am TRULY for the fact that you and your father's financial support helped start up my compagny. Can you please redo the same favor and save mu compagny?" Oh that is such a low point for Youngul! JAehyuk CANT BELIEVE what he hears! He's even enjoying the moment! " Ok! if you think i ll turn my back on you, then how about i give you the whole compagny to run, huh? just save it! Gayoung is part of it Come on" He adds and beggs some more! Somehow, THAT Gayoung card changed the look in JAehyuk's eyes. As Youngul is leaving, he meets Anna. There he has another low moment! As the compagny is ruined, she got hired back by Jaehyuk's compagny, by the request of non other than Jaehyuk's Father. I guess the only Bright part of the day is Him going back to his little factory, where little Angel Gayoung is Sleeping like A baby. He brought her this Lolipop, puts it near her pillow, smiles and tears up a little, then leaves..How Romantic and sad..>< She suddenly wakes up! He's not around! She finds the necklace also near her. What does this mean??? Is...he LEAVING SOMEWHERE??? Wait...WHAT THE?? The next day, Gayoung gets called at Jaehyuk's office, and finds JAEHYUK TOTALLY BRUISED AS IF HE WAS HIT BY A CAR! He had the idea of sharing what Youngul had proposed him as an offer, as in actually owning the compagny instead of letting it die, but he CLEARLY didnt NOT like the LEt Live And Live Strategy! Gayoung is stunned at JAehyuk's painful looking bruises on the face, she feels so sorry for him! It's official. Youngul has left everyone without saying a word. He sold his appartment. Now we're shown Everyone's life a month later. Youngul has sent a letter (finally you jerk) to Gayoung apologizing for everything, and finally disclosing his whereabouts:" Take this place ticket, and come find me at our special place. I love you" He says in the letter that JAEHYUK FOUND in Gayoung's Letter box! How Dare you look in people's personal stuf?He visits Gayoung, who lying on her bed like a corpse, refusing to eat anything after Youngul sudden disappearance." Listen, im going to the States, Come With me." Says Jaehyuk to her, How Sneeky of You! They do Go together! Somehow, JAehyuk wanting to check her feelings and i dunno what on earth got to him but he breaks the news to her:" I know where Youngul is. He's right here in the states. Do you want to meet him?" Stunned, she just says" No.." Then Cries A river after he leaves. Wait!! This is..this is the hotel Yougul has booked a room for her at! NOW I GOT IT! Jaehyuk is going out now, with Gayoung, knowing YOUNGUL WILL BE OUT THERE WAITING FOR HER! He was Right!!!! Youngul Smiles SO BRIGHTLY as the sight of Gayoung coming out of the hotel, then JAEHYUK follows Through! Oh my god...That was very very low of you JAehyuk. Now, Youngul is showing a side we probably never saw of him before..He is crying OUT LOUD, like never as hard as now, sitting at the little appartment in that cheap area he and Gayoung found shelter at when they first came to the US. Now, Drunk like Wow, he's walking like a living dead, falling down, taking his clothes off (Jee it was about time, LOL), now he's in the Swimming pool, wearing a fancy White Fur coat on his skin...Okay...Sadness Has never Looked This Hot. LOL He calls Gayoung. "Are u having fun? Im not..." Gayoung:" Are u there..where we were once together?" Youngul" Don't you miss me at all?...I Freaking do.." Gayoung takes a few seconds before she answers...Wait! Who the..??? SOMEONE IS AT YOUNGUL'S HOTEL ROOM! HE s GOT A GUN! I CANT SEE! THE CAMERA IS ZOOMING OUT! NO NO..NOOOOOOOOO Guys...Youngul is DEAD ,,,, Someone, wearing a suit (i THINK it's CRAZY MAD ROMEO aka JAehyuk), SHOT Youngul DEAD. ㅜㅠ....I,,,I...cant hands are so heavy heart is beating like crazy...please tell me he is now dead..wait...Wait!...His..Eyes are Wide open...HE HAS LEFT THIS WORLD for real... Right after, Gayoung decides To say the words.."I miss you too! i Wanna be with you too" Well Guess What?? He's no more there To hear That. End *******************************************************

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