Manga Recommendation: Barakamon

What will you do when some big shot kinda insulted your award-winning talent, and your parents cast you off in an island because of doing something ridiculous to that person? Well, Handa-sensei will tell you all about it!

After getting worked up with an elderly curator's "constructive criticism", Hands Seishu was sent off to Goto Island. At first, he was against staying there. But meeting the villagers and seeing how warm they are to him, he began to develop a strong bond with them. He also learned a lot of things from them.

Basically, this manga depicts man's (in this case, Handa-sensei) search for one's own self. It shows how unique each of us are, and that we should be proud of that. That no matter what storm or adversity may come to us, there are always people who'll look after you. That having a talent doesn't necessarily mean winning a lot of awards, but how you express yourself.

I like how this manga make things look simple to the eye of the viewers. Plus, it wraps it all up. I mean, there is a lot of comedy going on there, while throwing a little bit of drama now and then - it's the whole slice of life package.

Whether you're losing your grip to that dream, or need something awe-inspiring, then I recommend you to read Barakamon. Believe me, it's worth the try.

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