Swag Day: ✌🏻️😏

Just give me a minute to breath ....... *deep sign" Ok What in the actual F*** like why yoongi WHy!!!! How is someone who is always lazy and basically eats then sleeps be this beautiful like why? And just the way he stares at you its just- it's just ..... I need another moment to breath ........ *dead*

One of the things I love about this kid is that although he looks so cute and squishy and always deep in thought when you least expect it "BAM" he hits you with this .... WHY! *cries in corner*

And then his smile his smile is just pure gold . ❀️

Basically he is just full of swag. All the way lol and just the stuff that he says has me rolling in the ground lol he's just the description of my entire existence lol

Just tell why why is he so prefect the legs men the f***legs have infire me a lot

I love this kid and this fandom so much ❀️ Happy yoongi day :😏

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